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Google Analytics

For this assignment we were asked to do a brief web traffic analysis about our portfolio page using Google Analytics.

The total number of sessions is 50, number of users is 38 and I have 527  page views. The highest number of sessions made (40) was on the 9th of January . The average number of pages viewed during one session is 10.54 and the average session duration is 7:14 minutes. The bounce rate is 64.00%. Top three countries where my visitors are from are  Denmark (82.54%), Romania(11.39%) and United States (1.52%), but in total I have visitors from 14 different countries.

5 second test

For this assignment we were asked to make a 5 second test using usability hub. People saw my page for 5 seconds and the had to answer five questions after that.

This is the image they saw about my portfolio:


Here are the answers:

1.What do you think this page was about?


2. Which element on the page you focused on the most?


3. Can you learn more about the owner of the website?


4. What do you think about the color scheme?


5. How intuitive and helpful is the navigation system?




Meme faces are a funny way to express emotions and feelings, and a lot of people use them on social media, especially teenagers.These simple black and white faces can be happy, sad, or even grumpy.

This meme have become my favorite, because I have seen it a plenty of times on Facebook.  He is grumpy in a cute way, and sometimes I wish if I could look like this while saying “No” for someone.